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Ticket T+

This is the simple ticket. It is intended for occasional travelers and costs € 1.90. With the single ticket you can travel on all public lines in Paris: all metro lines, RER trains within zone 1, buses, trams and the Montmartre funicular are included.

All connections with airports are excluded, the Filéo, the Orlyval and the Roissybus.

Tickets are valid for:
- 2 hours from the first validation for metro / metro, metro / RER use;
- 90 minutes for bus / bus, bus / tram and tram / tram use

Those who take the metro cannot make changes by bus, or by tram, with the same ticket, but must use a second ticket.

Children under 4 travel for free, provided they do not occupy seats. There is the possibility to buy a single ticket directly on the bus, paying 2 euros.

Reductions for school groups

School groups with children up to the age of 16, if made up of at least 10 students, benefit from a 50% discount on the subway and RER trains, by presenting a duly completed form, available at any ticket office inside the stations. A copy of the form, with the relative regulation, is available at:

Booklet of 10 tickets

T + tickets can be bought in 10-ticket carnet: the cost is € 14.90, with the possibility of a 50% discount, at € 7.45, for children from 4 to 10 years old. They can be purchased at ATMs or at staff-manned counters.

When the 10-ticket booklet is convenient

The 10-ticket booklet is one of the most convenient solutions in many cases: with a unit price per ticket of only € 1,49 it is perfect for those who make about 2-3 trips a day with the metro.

Mobilis: day ticket

It is a flat-rate daily ticket, which allows unlimited access to the Métro, the RER trains to the stations included in the selected areas, the Ile de France buses and the tramways. All airport connections are excluded (Filéo, Orlyval, Orlybus, Roissybus and the RER trains destined for the airports).

The cost of the ticket varies according to the selected areas:
- zones 1 and 2: € 7.50;
- zones 1 to 3: € 10.00;
- zones 1 to 4: € 12.40;
- zones 1 to 5: € 17.80.

Once purchased, you must enter your name and the date of use; the ticket is valid on the day of use, from 0:00 to 24:00.

When Mobilis is convenient

The Mobilis day pass is only convenient if you plan to make at least 1 trips in one day in the central areas (2-6). Otherwise the 10-ticket booklet is cheaper.

Paris Visite, Mobilis and all subscriptions
Paris Visits valid for airports

Paris Visite

La Paris Visite card of which I speak in more detail on this page is valid for 1, 2, 3, or 5 consecutive days. The card includes various discounts, which can be viewed on RATP, including a discount for a Seine cruise.

There are two types of tickets:
- Center: valid in zones 1 to 3, also includes Orlybus and Roissybus (from CDG airport to central Paris);
- Banlieu: valid in zones 1 to 5, including Versailles, Disneyland and all connections from the airports.

Both cards allow unlimited access on all lines of the Métro, the RER regional trains in the selected areas, the Transilien trains of the SNCF, the Ile de France buses (both those of the RATP and the OPTILE) and the funicular of Montmartre.

Only for those who buy the Banlieu ticket, the Orlyval connection to Orly airport, the Roissybus to Charles de Gaulle airport, and connections to Disneyland and Versailles are also included.

Children from 4 to 10 years old receive a 50% discount. The cost of the tickets is:

When is the Paris Visite?

Read the complete guide to Paris Visite to find out when this pass is affordable.

Buy the Paris Visite with cruiseParis Visite, Mobilis and all subscriptions
It passes Navigo Discovery

Navigo Discovery

This is a weekly (or monthly) subscription available for i not resident in Paris.

The season ticket is valid from Monday to Sunday, and can be bought until Thursday to be used the same week. It is valid on all public transport on Île de France, including the Filéo bus to De Gaulle airport, while it is not valid on the Orlyval line connecting Orly airport.

In order to be purchased the first time it is necessary have an original passport photo with you and pay 5 euros for the release of the card, in addition to the price of the chosen subscription. It will be widely exploitable given that it is worth 10 years.

Il cost of the weekly Navigo card is € 22.80, valid in zones 1 to 5, thus including Versailles and Disneyland.

The Navigo Découverte Pass can also be purchased at Charles De Gaulle and Orly airports. At the CDG it is possible buy at the airport train station and in Orly at the Orlybus station, opposite the entrance to the South Terminal.

Navigo Discovery Pass

Youth Weekend Ticket

This is a special ticket, aimed at young people up to 25 years old, and can only be used on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. It is valid on all means of public transport on the Ile de France, with the exception of airport connections.

The cost is € 4,10 for zones 1 to 3, and € 8,95 for zones 1 to 5.

Which pass is worthwhile in Paris?

In principle, those who intend to stay in Paris for less than 3 days and make limited use of the metro can take the 10-ticket booklet, which is cheaper than the mobilis as long as you do not exceed 5 daily trips.

Those who stay for a longer period may want to consider the Navigo Discovery weekly, which at the price of € 22.80 (plus 5 euros the first time) offers the possibility of reaching even the most distant destinations such as Versailles.

Paris Visite is convenient if you intend to use the discounts to visit the attractions indicated, take advantage of the additional services or if you have to take the Orlyval, the only pass to include them.

The Paris Visite is more convenient especially when purchased together with a pass, taking into account that, in addition to unlimited travel, the price includes free access to all the main museums with preferential entrances that allow you to skip the queues, thus saving a lot of time . Young people under 26 have the Jeuness Week-End Ticket, to reduce transport costs.

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Paris Visite, Mobilis and all subscriptions

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