Best crepes in Paris

Best crepes in Paris

Indisputable and indisputable queen of the French culinary tradition crêpe can boast a thousand-year history that is lost in the mists of time. It seems, in fact, that the his birth can be traced back to 5th century, when Pope Gelasiusfinding himself in front of hungry pilgrims, he ordered them to be cared for and fed.

Someone in the kitchen thought of mix eggs and flour and to cook the raw rudimentary pancakes, to which, later, ingredients such as XNUMX/XNUMX cup salted butter e XNUMX cups milk.

Most likely the secret of success of this dish can be found right in the simplicity of the ingredients used and in the speed of preparation, the fact is that, to date, crêpes represent one of the cornerstones of French cuisine.

Sweet, salty and seasoned with the most original ingredients, in fact, today it is impossible not to stop and enjoy a crêpe if you are in the French capital. Let's see together which are the best 10 creperies in Paris and what are the specialties that are offered.

Topics of Best Crepes in Paris:

1. The 8th floor chalet

Best crepes in Paris
Creperie Le Chalet de 8ème

Small and characteristic restaurant located in Rue du Commandant River 8, in the 8th arrondissement, a stone's throw fromElisha and Place de la Concorde and not very far from Louvre. Le Chalet du 8ème, as the name suggests, looks like a characteristic mountain chalet, with the furnishings in warm old wood and the comfortable sofas around the tables.

Crepes e cakes for all tastes, to be enjoyed in the company of friends, as a quick snack or even as a romantic break. Absolutely to be tasted the Galette Courcheval, with bacon and cheddar cheese, for those looking for a savory pairing, or the Creve Coeur Crepe, with nutella, homemade Chantilly cream and grilled almonds, for those who love the tastiest flavors.

Where and when

- 8 Rue du Commandant Rivière, metro 9 Saint Philippe du Roule
- Timetables: Lun-ven 12-14:30 e 19-22:30, sab 19-22:30

2. Comptoir Breizh

Best crepes in Paris
Creperia Comptor Breitzh

Nice and welcoming restaurant specialized in crêpes according to the Breton tradition, located in Rue des Entrepreneurs 92, in 15th district, southwest of the city, on the Left Bank area of Senna, commercial and residential area.

The atmosphere is young ed allegra, the hostess is nice and welcoming and the raw materials are of high quality, all for one varied and very creative proposal: cakes salty as the Louise with goat cheese, honey and nuts, e pancakes sweets like the Helen, with roasted apples, caramel and salted butter.

Where and when

- 92 Rue des Entrepreneurs, metro 8 Commerce
- Timetables: Mon 11: 30-15, Tue-Fri 11: 30-15 and 19-22: 30, Sat 12-17 and 19-22: 30

3. Parisian Creperie

Best crepes in Paris
Crêperie Parisienne in the Montparnasse district

located in Montparnasse neighborhood, cultural and artistic center of the French capital, is, in fact, located here International University of Paris Parisian Creperie welcomes its customers in a refined and elegant atmosphere and offers cakes e pancakes cooked in the classic Breton tradition.

On fine days it is possible to eat outdoors and calmly taste the specialties: unmissable la Galette Truffière, with pecorino, black truffle and potatoes, and the Crepe La Villa Royale, with rum caramelized bananas.

Where and when

- 70 Avenue Jean Moulin, metro 4 Porte d'Orléans
- Timetables: mar-ven 12-15 and 19-23, sat 19-23

4. Heart Pancake

Best crepes in Paris
Creperia Crepe Coer

Located in Rue des Dames 66, in 17th district, one of the least known and most charming neighborhoods of Paris, not very far from Montmartre but located in a residential context, away from the main tourist lines, theCrepe Heart can boast aloyal customers now loyal, for the quality of the recipes that are proposed and the originality of the dishes.

Fixed menus for all tastes and all pockets: salat cakes with eggs, cheeses, figs and mustard, for an unmissable salty snack, or Sweet crepes with frangipane cream, nutella and toasted almonds. Absolutely to try.

Where and when

- 66 Rue des Dames, metro 2 Rome
- Timetables: Mar-Sat 12-14: 30 and 19-22: 15

5. Crêperie L'Atelier - Grand boulevard

Best crepes in Paris
Atelier Crêperie Grands Boulevards

We are Rue Sainte Cecile 15, in 9th district, most multifaceted e funny of all Paris, with the shopping streets, Pigalle, the red light district, and the Moulin Rouge.

This small and elegant creperie, simple but, at the same time, refined, it welcomes customers in a friendly and professional atmosphere to let you taste the best pancakes e cakes of the area. A special mention goes to the Eugene Galette, which with the combination of candied onion with Swiss cheese and sour cream turns out to be a favorite.

Where and when

- 15 Rue Sainte Cecile, metro 8 e 9 Grands Boulevards
- Timetables: lun-ven 11:45-14:30 e 19-22:30, sab 19-22:30

6. At Yannick's

Best crepes in Paris
Creperia at Yannick

Located in the middle of the 16st arrondissement, one of the most luxurious in Paris that few can afford to live, At Yannick's overlooks Annunciation Street 33, a beautiful street full of shops and full of life.

Catering business that boasts a consolidated experience in twenty years of activity and which is recognized as one of the most renowned crêperie and famous throughout the city.

Le raw material I'm from excellent quality, buckwheat, for example, is imported directly from Great Britain, the preparation of pasta it is strictly made in an artisanal way and cider with which they are served the pancakes e the pancakes it is original. Absolutely to taste the Crêpe Ardéchoise, with dark black chocolate and chestnut cream. An authentic delicacy.

Where and when

- 33 Rue de l'Annéquence, metro 9 La Muette
- Timetables: lun-ven 10: 30-23, sab 9: 30-23, dom 9: 30-16

7. At Maxence

Best crepes in Paris
Creperia at Maxence

In the heart of the 17st arrondissement, in Legendre Street 52, close to Batignolles neighborhood and from Parc Monceauis located At Maxence, baby crêperie with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere that offers specialties based on cakes e pancakes, strictly prepared with genuine ingredients, following traditional recipes and enriching them with the creative and innovative touch of chef Maxense Guyot: stone-ground flours, artisan jams and fresh and seasonal raw materials.

Among the workhorses of the menu we cannot fail to mention the Special Beef Galette, based on cheese, beef, sour cream from Isigny and freshly ground pepper, or the Crepe La Rose, with rose jam, ice cream and Chantilly cream.

Where and when

– 52 Rue Legendre, metro 2 Rome
- Timetables: 12-14:30 e 19-22:30

8. Chez Davido

Best crepes in Paris
Creperie Chez Davido in the Montparnasse district

In the neighborhood of Montparnasse, cultural and artistic hub of the beautiful French capital, in Rue Poinsot 6 is situated At Davido, small restaurant named after its creative owner, son of a Breton mother and an Italian father.

And, in fact, here you can find both pasta based first courses how delicious cakes e pancakes, thanks to the ability that Davido had to synthesize the two souls that characterize his origins.

All at Chez Davido it is handcrafted and prepared on the same day, to guarantee the freshness of the ingredients and the quality of the preparations, among which we cannot fail to mention the Savoyard Galette, prepared with Reblochon cheese, potatoes, bacon, onions and the famous sour cream typical of the French culinary tradition.

Where and when

– 6 Rue Poinsot, metro 6 Edgar Quinet
- Timetables: Mon-Wed and Sun 11-15 and 18-24, Thu-Sat 11-15 and 18-02

9. Crêperie l'Atelier - Champs Elysees

Best crepes in Paris
Creperia l'Atelier Champs Elysées

A stone's throw from Champs Elysees, in Rue du Commandant River 3, the one who has been elected meets one of the best five crêperie of Paris from Le Figaro.

In this place every detail is studied in detail, from the furnishing accessories, which are used to create the welcoming and jovial atmosphere, to the careful research of the ingredients and raw materials to be used to obtain cakes and inimitable crepes, prepared according to the oldest Breton tradition.

The central location, finally, theArc de Triomphe is five minutes away, makeworkshop one of the most characteristic places in which to spend an evening in the most authentic Parisian style.

Where and when

- 3 Rue du Commandant Rivière, metro 9 Saint Philippe du Roule
- Timetables: lun-ven 11:30-15 e 19-20:30, sab 19-20:30

10. Crêperie Brocéliande

Best crepes in Paris
Crêperie Brocéliande in the Montmartre district

This is an institution in the French capital crêperie located in Rue des Trois Freres 15, at the foot of The Sacred Heart, in Montmartre, one of the most evocative neighborhoods in the whole city. Intimate and quiet atmosphere, despite the fact that the area is of high tourist demand, refined furnishings and architecture e menu full of proposals, both salty, many, in fact, the buckwheat galettes available, how sweet.

Fixed menu which include a pancake, a pancake ed a glass of ciderfinally, they allow the Creperie Brocéliande to be able to also boast a excellent value for money. A destination to put absolutely in your travel planning.

Where and when

- 15 Rue des Trois Frères, metro 2 Antwerp
- Timetables: Mar 19-22: 30, Merc-Ven 12-15 and 19-22: 30, Sat 12-16 and 18-23, Sun 12-16 and 18-22


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