Typical dishes of Paris

Typical dishes of Paris

Traditional dishes from Paris

The omelette

This famous dish is the apotheosis of the use of raw materials. Eggs, cheeses and other ingredients of your choice, know, in fact, produce something that goes far beyond a simple omelette. In Paris it is impossible to refrain from trying it.

Le Escargot

To define this speciality of French cuisine as a dish of snails means never having eaten them either in Paris or in France. A tasty dish, flavoured with parsley and butter. For true gourmets. Here are our favourite restaurants where you can try them.


Walking along the famous avenues of Paris, one cannot fail to notice how many restaurants display this delight of the sea. Oysters and Paris, in fact, have an indissoluble and strong bond. On this page our favorite addresses to try them.

The Soupe à l'Oignon

Even the simplest Parisian bistro has its own secret recipe. It is not for nothing that this delicious and charming dish makes French cuisine proud and glorious.

The quiche

This charming dish that looks very much like a savory pastry will always come up with all its countless different variations. If eggs are the main ingredient, this true delicacy of French cuisine can also be enjoyed in Paris with the addition of vegetables and bacon.

The foie gras

To be in Paris is not to taste Foie Gras, it would be tantamount to having arrived in this unique city in the world and not having seen its historical symbols and its fantastic museums.
It is not for nothing that foie gras, which can be duck or goose, is one of the most French foods you can taste. Its delicate and savoury flavour will make for an incredibly memorable taste.

The Boeuf Bourguignon

At first glance it may look like a meat stew. But, if you try it, you immediately realize that it is so much more.

The Galette Bretonne

It's a simply fantastic savoury crepe made with buckwheat. This specialty of French cuisine can be enjoyed in Paris filled with cheese, vegetables or meat. Also worth noting is the crepe, a sweet version that can give great satisfaction. Here are our favorites from Paris.

The cheeses

There are entire volumes devoted to French cheeses. To understand their value and taste, it is enough to see how they are presented in all the Parisian places. Here are our favorite cheeses.

The sweets

French cuisine is particularly distinguished by the high level in the preparation of desserts, especially those with chocolate. Absolutely to try are the Fondant au chocolat and the Moelleux au chocolat . You won't be able to do without it anymore.

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